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Monday, 22 August 2011

gig review - The City Calls EP launch (19 August, Joiners Southampton)

Gig review - The City Calls EP launch (19 August, Joiners Southampton)

I was originally invited to go to this gig as a member of the City Calls is one of my house mates. but i though that i would go along a bit earlier to see if there were any other good bands. unfortunately i only saw one other band, being the main support The Light Divided. 

looking around i felt considerable older the most of the crowd that was there, me being early 20's and those around were barely 18 (maybe?) so was thinking that the other acts would be of the same age, and not strong musicians, how wrong was I? The Light Divided put on an incredibly strong performance, and have some strong catchy songs. i would say if you like epic rock, then this is band is for you. with hints of a Nickleback sound and there also put some RATM references into their set to. the second guitarist throwing himself about keeping the crowd moving whilst doing complicated guitar melodies was impressive, the bassist looked relaxed (maybe a bit stylish?) but kept the groove and beat well. Front man (Dave) was strong as a vocalist and looked well as the part, without to much ignoring of those around him. The Drummer was probably the weakest of the 4-piece. though looking at this it could have been nerves or exhaustion but he did not seem completely relaxed on parts. saying this, what he did play was good strong and completed the melodies and chords. 

i suggest that you check them out, even if your 14 or 34. As long as you have a passion for music with strong sounding guitars being blasted into you ears!

The main act was on top form, from knowing that they haven't gigged in a few months or even had much practice time together you wouldn't have been able to tell. each member of the five piece Pop Punk band. knowing that the singer (Lucas) had vocal problems at their last gig, he compensated well for this and only those who had learnt the songs themselves would notice him changing to lower melodies compared to the records. the backing vocals from Scott and Chris were strong and helped boost the passion of the vocals The energy of the whole band was high and it made me feel hot and sweaty just standing there watching them move around on stage. i do feel like i cant say much on them as i also know them all (Bare 1) as friends. But they show a strong idea of what it means to be young in today's world and i am proud to know them! i wouldn't suggest them to all, but between the ages of 10 and 20, then i think its great and definitely would suggest the innocent pop-punk sound.

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