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Monday, 15 August 2011

Eagles Of Death Metal - I Want You So Hard (The Boys Bad News)

This is my first real post and its on a recent song I’v started listening to. Watching the video you would notice a few famous faces (dave grohl, jack black?). But this is no surprise as josh homme is involved as a member of the band.
The guitar sound is the natural dirty and sexy tone with a strong driving rhythm this sound clashes with the vocals in an alternative good way as they reach the higher registers. In my own opinion the vocals of josh homme (“just leave him alone coz the boys bad news”) suits the overall sound of the music more than what jesse Hughs does. the lyrics reflect the dirty sexy rock sound of the guitar. The guitar solo is a little disappointing at first but it rounds itself off well to as it plays the part of backing vocal in one of the stops.
Still, this is one of those songs that you cant help but tap your foot to. And it shows what American rock still has the dirty sound, but is there a British band that can taken this idea any further, or would it even work in the British scene/chart?

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