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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Cheap Trick - I want you to want me (live)

I find this song to be a nice cheery song, almost a feel good. I think this is mostly because of the melody of the vocals mixed with the steady but strong beat of the drums and rhythm guitar. The only time this fades is in the pre-chorus which although I think is the weak spot; it makes the rest of the song stand out more. Like a tension and resolution to itself to keep the ear interested.

I chose to look at this song because I find the verse unique. This is the verse is made up of 3 chords all of equal length making it a 6 bar guitar riff. Which I really like compared to the traditional 2 or 4 bar riffs that are most commonly used. There are problem other songs that I’m unaware of that has same feature yet are probably not so obvious. Although to the untrained ear, u might not have noticed this feature because of the repeated melody movement of the voice and the repeated drum pattern.

Compared to the rest of the song is in the traditional 4/8 bar sections. (Apart from the guitar solo as it uses the verse chords again).

Another interesting part is the swing feel of the song, its rare now that u find a swing feel good rock song today, especially in the charts! Maybe because of the club scene and R&B songs that dominates charts at the moment; swing may never be popular again, then again its impossible to predict the future of music. 

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