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Thursday, 15 September 2011

Calvin Harris - Feel So Close

This just has to be my summer tune of this year, although in my personal opinion, there wasn't much to chose from. this has all the features of a club dance song, that plays on the acoustic feature as well (in the piano). and yet its just based on a simple chord structure. the guitar sound reminds a bit of the old daft punk sound. What i find interesting in this song is that it is just the one vocal/singer through the whole song, there,s no layering of different vocals melodies and harmonies or rhythms, none of the complicated stuff, and a good basic club song, and i feel that is a way that the music charts are possibly going to this time. 

Its a shame that the weather has stuck around longer to enjoy the song too, but i unfortunately dont see this becoming an everlasting summer it probably forgotten about by January. 

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